Board of Directors

Local Directors:

Position 1 Natasha Whitefield 2018-2021 (3-year term) 

Position 2 Lydia Young Lehner 2018-2021 (3-year term)

Position 3 Jennifer Dillard 2018-2019 (1-year term) 

Position 4 Chelsea Barnes 2017-2019 (3-year term)

Position 5 Carol Annala 2018 – 2020 (3-year term) 

Position 6 Jill Guenther 2018-2020 (3-year term)

State Directors:

Julie Gilbert, Oregon Director 2018-2020 (2-year term) 

OAR 2019 Meeting Notes Click Here

Jeremy Denny, Washington Director 2018- 2021 (3-year term)

Sandy Dean, Washington Director 2018-20120 (2-year term) 


Chris Vail-Rollins, President 2018-2019

Elizabeth Turner, Past President 2018-2019

Heather Wright, President Elect 2018-2019

Reyna Saldate, Treasurer 2017-2019


Association Executive/Executive Officer:

Janet Mahoney-Hubert




Board Minutes:

January 13, 2017 Minutes

2-15-17 Board Meeting Min

3-16-17 Board Meeting Min

4-19-17 Board Meeting Min

5-10-17 Board Meeting Min

6-21-17 Board Meeting Min

7-19-17 Board Meeting Min

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